Fun Factory Sundaze – Pistachio



  • New technology for instant arousal and fuller orgasms
  • Zingy or rumbling vibration, stroking, fluttering, hands-free thrusting, and more
  • Stimulates nerve endings other vibrators can’t, for new sensations
  • Curated combination settings, so you can lie back and enjoy
  • Fun Factory Sundaze – Pistachio

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Fun Factory Sundaze – Pistachio

Sundaze: a one-of-a-kind toy

Vibrates, thrusts, taps, and pulsates — for an excitingly new kind of orgasm.

It’s not just a vibrator: it’s a Pulse Vibe.

SUNDAZE uses patented new technology to move not just from zingy to rumbling vibration, but also to light tapping that turns you on like nothing else, pulsing and stroking motions, and hands-free thrusting for internal or external massage.

This Pulse Vibe moves back and forth, slowly, gently tapping — then faster and more urgently, or with rhythmic thrusts.

Unlike conventional vibrators, the Pulse Vibe SUNDAZE stimulates three different types of nerve endings at once.

It targets just the right spots with pressure and tapping that make everything tingle.

This thrusting vibrator is good for sensitive people and also for power lovers, a combination you hardly ever see.

You’ve literally never felt anything like it before, and it feels freaking amazing.



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