Oxballs Do-Nut 2 Ring – Large – Clear



  • Made from Oxballs’ super-soft, stretchy FLEXtpr
  • Super stretchy material fits any size
  • New and improved redesign of Oxballs’ original DO-NUT 1 ring
  • Designed to stay in place to avoid rolling or uncomfortable pinching
  • Doubles as a stackable ball stretching ring
  • Width: 5.08cm
  • Depth: 1.27cm
  • Outer Circumference: 15.24cm
  • Inner Circumference: 6.35cm
  • Weight: 17g
  • Oxballs Do-Nut 2 Ring – Large – Clear

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Oxballs Do-Nut 2 Ring – Large – Clear

O-NUT 2 is OXBALLS’ take on the traditional jelly cockring.

It’s made from Oxballs’  signature FLEXtpr so it’s super stretchy and soft to the touch.

DO-NUT 2 is everything you love about Oxballs’ original DO-NUT 1 design but squishier, bigger, and even longer-lasting.

DO-NUT 2 also doubles as a stackable ball-ring for a sweet stretching sensation.

DO-NUT 2 pushes what you got up and out, forces your testicles forward, and plumps up your meat…our thickest, strongest jelly-ring.

DO-NUT 2 makes your junk look BIGGER…keeps your meat ROCK-SOLID.

It’s tight enough and strong enough for a lot of play…guaranteed to make intercourse explosive!

This one’s larger and thicker than DO-NUT 1, it’s a fatty that will give you a major chub!

It stretches 3 times its size but snaps back to its original shape.

Unlike most jelly rings, Oxballs’ is made from tough FLEXtpr–it’s super strong with incredible stretch and amazing feel.


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