Pjur CULT Ultra Shine Shining Spray – 250ml



  • Intensive shine effect
  • No re-polishing thanks to the ultra-fine spraying film
  • Treats and protects


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Pjur CULT Ultra Shine Shining Spray – 250ml

Rubber and latex clothing should ensure one thing above all: shine i.e. put you in the limelight.

So, in addition to Pjur CULT, which is used as an aid for donning rubber and latex clothing, there is also Pjur CULT ultra shine shining spray.

In addition to giving an ultra shine, as the name announces, this product protects and treats the material.

The formula is long-lasting and resistant to dirt, not sticky, and leaves no spots.

The focus in developing the product was on the main effect: “ultra shine.” Sprayed surfaces are given an intensive shine, thereby conferring the desired effect on clothing.

The second most important requirement for the product is caring for the clothing so that it can be enjoyed longer and the material can acquire that soft and smooth feel.

Pjur CULT ultra shine shining spray is packaged deliberately in a 250 ml pump-spray bottle and not in an aerosol gas bottle with dubious propellant gases.

Like all the products of the Pjur group, the spray is a quality product “Made in Germany,” developed according to the cosmetic guidelines, perfume-free and without preservatives.

No animal products were used and no animal experiments conducted in connection with the production, as a matter of principle.

Compatible with latex condoms.

Instructions for use:
The product is easy to use. Spray the rubber and latex clothing from 30cm away. Confer a shine effect as desired. No extra polishing is needed – that’s all it takes!

Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol.


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