Fun Factory USB Magnetic Charger Cable



  • USB magnetic plug
  • Universal charger
  • Comes with every rechargeable toy

Ships in 5 - 7 work days

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Fun Factory USB Magnetic Charger Cable

New power in no time at all.

Now enclosed with every Click ‘n Charge vibrator, the universal Fun Factory USB Magnetic Charger Cable allows for toy charging on worldwide journeys without the restrictions of local mains plugs.

Boundless fun guaranteed!

To successfully charge, the two magnets have to lie completely parallel over one another.

The magnetic contacts on the USB Magnetic Charger ensure that the charger remains in one position.

The red light of the FUN logo on the magnetic plug signalizes that the vibrator is connected to electricity.

Once placed on the toy correctly, its control panel will also light up. The charging process is completed when the toy is no longer illuminated – the USB Magnetic Charger can be removed from the vibrator.

If a toy in operation is connected to the USB Magnetic Charger, the vibrator automatically switches off.

Once the USB Magnetic Charger is removed, the toy can be reactivated using the touch buttons.


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