Fun Factory Smartballs Duo – Red/White



  • Train your body for bigger, better orgasms!
  • Insert these silky silicone balls and hold on.
  • Small interior weights roll and rumble as you move, making your muscles work harder.
  • Use regularly to prevent incontinence, recover from childbirth, maintain sexual health, and strengthen your muscles for better sex.
  • Wear them out – you’ll forget they’re there!
  • Tapered for easy insertion
  • Made of silicone & medical grade plastic – body-safe and easy to clean
  • Top Ball Diameter: 3.2cm
  • Bottom Ball Diameter: 3.6cm
  • Insertable Length: 9.5cm
  • Total Length: 16.8cm
  • Weight: 72g

Ships in 5 - 7 work days

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Fun Factory Smartballs Duo – Red/White

Fun Factory Smartballs Duo is the easy-to-use training partner for those who have already trained with the Smartballs Uno or who already naturally have a stable pelvic floor.

Especially suited for experienced users. Inserted like a tampon, the Smartballs Duo adapts to the body and can barely be felt when worn.

The constant and nearly soundless rotation of the inner balls works with everyday movements to set off muscle contractions thereby strengthening the pelvic floor.

Short, regular training phases lead to the most effective improvements.

As with any muscle group, the fitness gained goes away if training is discontinued – so even after a successful stabilization of the pelvic floor,  Fun Factory Smartballs Duo should be continuously used for maximum results.


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