JoyDivision Clean’N’Safe Spray – 100ml



  • Clean‘N‘Safe – perfect for fast, simple, and effective cleaning.
  • effective in only 60 seconds
  • perfect for silicone, all plastics, latex, and Silikomed®
  • highly effective against viruses (e.g. HIV, Corona), herpes, hepatitis, bacteria (e.g. chlamydia)
  • fungal infection
  • perfect for fast, simple, and effective cleaning

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JoyDivision Clean’N’Safe Spray – 100ml

Safely disinfects all love toys instead of just cleaning

A safe bet for more fun!

The clean’n’safe cleaning, maintenance, and disinfection fluid clean the things that have to be cleaned to allow you to continue enjoying all-round sexual fun.

It effectively combats all forms of germs, bacteria, and fungi. The fluid does not corrode sensitive materials, and its gentle formula makes it especially suitable for sensitive skin or mucous membranes.

Use clean’n’safe, because clean means safe, and safe means more fun.



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