Cupid’s Love Pod Inflatable Ball Red – 260cm



  • Colour: Red
  • 2.6-meter diameter once inflated
  • 2 openings
  • Multiple inflation chambers
  • Strongly sealed PVC

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Cupid’s Love Pod Inflatable Ball Red – 260 cm

The Cupid’s Love Pod Inflatable Ball, based on the Zorb ball design. This inflatable love nest is nice to just relax in but great to have sex in!

With panels of both red and clear material, the Love Pod creates just the right lighting and atmosphere for a sensual and sexy evening.

Grab onto the handles and get busy! The ball will rock, turn, twist and even do a full 360 as it responds to your movements but you need never worry – it’s so soft, you’ll never get a bump or a bruise!


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