Need help in buying your first sex toy?

Buying your first sex toy

Buying your first sex toy

One of the most difficult and overwhelming, but also exciting things to do is buying your first toy. With so many different toys on the market, it can be a bit daunting. I am sure in your search for your first toy you have heard words like teledildonics, body-safe materials and safety standards. We will explain more about this a little bit later.

Sex toys date as far back as 28,000 years. Ancient phalluses found in Germany during excavations were found to be made from stone and dried camel dung which started the trend for sex toys. Fast forward to today, and thank goodness we don’t have to use toys made from dried animal dung, we are now moving into a period of using virtual reality toys and sexbots.

But, let’s start at something a little bit easier and definitely cheaper when considering your first toy because let’s face it once you start with your first toy the second and third are sure to follow.

As times are changing and people are becoming more health conscious we need to start looking at sex toys made from different body-safe materials like glass, metal and medical grade silicones and also toys that adhere to the international safety standards for adult toys.

In this article, we are going to give you a few tips when choosing your first toy and maybe help you understand the meaning of some of the words used in the sex toy industry.

Take your time when choosing your first sex toy

This is not an Olympic event, you don’t have to rush it when you are looking at buying your first toy. Do some research and read up on reviews of the toys you have in mind.  A website that comes highly recommended to us is Miss Ruby Reviews where you will find honest product reviews on a wide variety of adult toys. YouTube is also a great place to get reviews on adult products. You can see the toys, what they look like the size as well as the noise levels and how strong the vibrations of each toy are that are being reviewed.

When you buy your first sex toy look at the quality of the product

This is an important one. No one wants to use or spend money on something that they don’t like. Always choose an aesthetically pleasing toy. When you buy a vibrator or dildo it doesn’t necessarily have to resemble the male genitalia. Feel free to explore the design-centric products that don’t resemble the male penis as they are built with the human anatomy in mind and are often more comfortable than your penis-shaped toys. What is important is to always look at the quality of the product.

Sometimes cheaper isn’t better. You might save a few bucks, but you compromise on quality, technology, and even your health. Always look for toys made from body-safe materials like silicone, glass, metal, wood, stone, and ABS plastics.

If you buy a toy make sure it is ISO 3533 certified. ISO 3533 is the new International Safety Standard for adult toys since 2021. It aims to provide guidance for adult toy manufacturers on the design of safe-to-use products and to safeguard the users. The ISO standard for adult toys considered various aspects of the design and safety requirements, including risk assessment of physical hazards, electrical safety, chemical safety, and biocompatibility. In buying an ISO 3533 compliant sex toy you know that your toy is safe to use.

Look at the different functions of the toy

Questions to ask yourself when buying your first sex toy are, do you need your toy to be waterproof? Always make sure to check the IP rating on the toy before you buy. Not all toys are waterproof, some are only water-resistant or splash-proof. Some IP ratings are only for a limited time that the toy will be submerged and at a limited depth.

Do you need something that can be discreetly worn in public or be used when your roommates are at home? In this instance always make sure of the decibels of the toy that you want to buy. Some manufacturers claim that their toys are silent, but unfortunately not silent enough. Whisper quiet or silent vibrators normally measure less than 50 dB. According to Decibel Pro 50 dB is as loud as a quiet conversation, a quiet suburb, a quiet office, or a quiet refrigerator.

Do you want a toy running on alkaline batteries or do you want a rechargeable product? If you are environmentally conscious then you would prefer rechargeable products over alkaline batteries. This can also influence the price of the products as rechargeable vibrators can cost a bit more than your other removable battery-consuming products.

Do you need a Bluetooth-enabled Teledildonic toy like Lovense and We-Vibe that can be used with an app or over long distances?

Now you may ask what exactly are these teledildonic products I keep on mentioning?

Well, teledildonics or cyberdildonics is the name coined by Howard Rheingold and used in his 1991 book Virtual Reality for virtual sex encounters using networked, electronic sex toys to mimic and extend human sexual interactions.

More easily explained this is all the modern-day virtual reality sex toys including sex robots, artificial intelligent companion bots, vibrators, masturbators and anal toys which are controlled by an app and are made to use over long distances where you and your partner can be on two different continents and the app via Bluetooth can control the toy’s vibrations, modes and functions and where two or more toys can be connected to each other and used simultaneously.

These toys are also very popular for use by cam girls live streaming on all the different cam sites and for events like the Lovense Orgy where 17335 participants connected their Lovense toys to each other all over the world via Twitter.

The next question is what material do you prefer when looking to buy a sex toy? Do you want it to be glass, metal, wood or body-safe silicone?

Do you need a toy for solo play only or one that can be integrated into couple’s play?

What type of toy do I want?

As you have noticed there is a vast amount of different adult toys on the market and here it can get a bit tricky. You will need to make a decision on your preferences. Only you know your body best and know what turns you on and what doesn’t or what will make you orgasm or what won’t.

Are you someone who needs clitoral stimulation or g-spot stimulation? Do you like anal toys more or do you need a toy that you can have cooled or heated?

You also know the size of the toy that you would like. Some like it really small and others like it enormously big.

There is also toys that is made to be very discreet so in the event that you get visitors over and you forget to put your toy away they will be none the wiser or if you travel and want a very discreet companion to join you but don’t want an awkward encounter with airport security.

Always use lubrication with your toys

Lubricants are not only for when you have a hormone imbalance and need to make use of artificial lubrication. Personal lubricants are there to make everything just feel so much better. Make sure to get an excellent lubricant to accompany not just your first sex toy but to be used with every encounter, solo or with a partner.

Always use good quality water-based lubrication as silicone-based lubricants can sometimes bind with the material of your sex toy and stain the toy, especially if the toy is made with a porous silicone mixed material.

Clean your toys

It is really important to always clean your toys with a good anti-bacterial toy cleaner or with warm water and soap before your first use and after every use or when swapping between vaginal and anal use. Not cleaning your sex toys can lead to yeast infection, or bacterial vaginosis just to name a few.  Always make sure to read your product’s care guide and store it accordingly to have it last longer.

Always keep your warranty card supplied with the more expensive sex toys just in case you might need it at a later stage to claim as some manufacturers have a 1 to 2-year warranty on their products.

Have fun choosing your first sex toy! No need to go for the traditional toys anymore be adventurous. Buy something that you will always remember as your first one and the fun times you had together.

There are a lot of toys these days that don’t even resemble sex toys anymore and your friends will be none the wiser, even if you did forget it out on your nightstand.

The most important thing is to buy a sex toy that you like. One that you can be proud of no matter the shape, size, or colour and one that you will be enjoying for years to come.


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