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Need help in buying your first sex toy?

Buying your first sex toy

This is a subject that we get a lot of questions about. One of the most difficult and overwhelming things to do is buying your 1st sex toy and with so many different toys on the market, it can be a bit confusing. Here are a few tips helping you to decide on what to buy as your first adult toy.

Take your time when choosing a sex toy

You don’t have to rush it. Do some research and read up on reviews of the toys you have in mind. Youtube is a great place to get reviews on adult products and you can actually see and hear them when they are being reviewed.

When you buy your first sex toy look at the quality of the product

Choose a toy that is aesthetically pleasing. When you buy a vibrator or dildo it doesn’t necessarily have to resemble the male genitalia. Feel free to explore the design-centric products that don’t resemble the male penis as they are built with the human anatomy in mind and are often more comfortable than your penis-shaped toys. Always look at the quality of the product.

Sometimes cheaper really isn’t better. You might save a few bucks, but you definitely compromise on quality, technology, and even your health. Always look for toys made from body-safe materials like silicone, glass, metal, wood, stone, and ABS plastics.

Look at the different functions of the toy

Do you need the toy to be waterproof? Do you need something that can be discreetly worn during the day? Do you want a toy running on alkaline batteries or do you want a rechargeable product? Do you maybe need a Bluetooth-enabled (Teledildonics) toy? Whatever you need, find intriguing toys.

Always use lubrication with your toys

Make sure to get an excellent lubricant to accompany your toy. Personal lubricants make everything just feel better. Always use water-based lubrication as silicone-based lubrication can sometimes bind with the material of your sex toy and stain the toy, especially if the toy is made with a porous silicone mixed material.

Clean your toys

Clean your toys with a good cleaner before your first use and after every use or when swapping between vaginal and anal use. Not cleaning your sex toys can lead to yeast infection, or bacterial vaginosis just to name a few.  Always make sure to read your product’s care guide to have it last longer.

There are a lot of products these days that don’t even resemble traditional sex toys anymore and your friends will be non the wiser, even if you did forget it on your nightstand.

The most important thing is to buy a sex toy that you really like. One that you can be proud of no matter the shape, size, or color.

Have fun choosing your first sex toy!

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